11 – 12 October, 2023 | Goa, India

Commercialization: The next mountain for AgBioTech in India

AgTech innovation in India, reflecting broader trends across India’s startup ecosystem, has been driven primarily by digitization and business model led innovation, with deep science-based innovations playing a smaller role. Over the course of the past decade, AgBioTechnology – a key area of science-led innovation for agriculture – has had a relative sputtering start in […]

The three-part problem statement for unlocking agri-credit in India

Access to credit, for making capital investments and managing working capital, are critical aspects of enterprises’ growth and viability across industries and sectors. In India’s agricultural ecosystem, however, only half of all farmers are financed and among them, only 59% are serviced by formal institutions while the rest tap into informal streams of financing. This […]

Nuances of driving AgTech adoption by smallholder farmers

Indian agriculture has a number of features that present both, significant opportunities as well as substantial challenges for AgTech solutions. Chief among them – the predominance of smallholder farmers, which poses various structural challenges for AgTech innovations to contend with. Many a structural barrier for AgTech Small landholdings: Over 85% of Indian farmers can be […]