Krishna Kumar

Co-Founder & CEO(CropIn)

Solving complex problems across the global agriculture value chain by building the world’s first Intelligent Agriculture Cloud at Cropin has been my single-minded focus over the last decade.

From launching Cropin with a vision to transform global agriculture through the convergence of deep tech with agronomy to creating an organization that has enabled millions of farmers and hundreds of agri-businesses while also playing a small part in addressing some of today’s most critical planet-scale challenges - food security, climate change, farmer livelihood, financial inclusion, and biodiversity conservation - my entrepreneurial journey has been exciting and rewarding.

Cropin has played a key role not merely in transformation but in creating the global agritech industry. When Cropin was born in a one-room office in Bangalore way back in 2010, it was an idea ahead of its time, with the concept of agritech becoming mainstream only a few years later. After 12 years, Cropin is the world’s #1 agri-ecosystem intelligence provider building the first global intelligent Agriculture Cloud. We work with 250+ customers and have digitized 16 million acres of farmland, improving the livelihoods of more than 7 million farmers. The company has built the world’s most comprehensive crop knowledge graph with data sets covering over 400 crops and 10,000 crop varieties across 56 countries. With our AI/ML-enabled Insights platform tailor-made for the agriculture ecosystem, we have computed 0.2 billion acres of farmland in 12 countries, covering 24 major commodities and our ultimate goal is to compute all of our planet’s cultivable land to enable the global agriculture ecosystem.