ThinkAg Harvesting
Tomorrow Summit 2024

Charting the path for innovation and climate-resilience
in India's agri-food ecosystem

Charting the path for innovation and climate-resilience in India's agri-food ecosystem





Discover the future of agri-food


Discover the future
of agri-food

India's first AgFoodTech conference

ThinkAg Harvesting Tomorrow Summit

The Harvesting Tomorrow Summit is an annual forum for advancing innovation, entrepreneurship, and better outcomes in Indian agri-food, convening diverse stakeholders, Indian and global, critical to Indian agri-food – innovators, investors, industry leaders, financial institutions, development financing organizations, and policymakers.

The two-day conference will take placed in Goa, India between 11th – 12th October and will feature insightful speakers, compelling conversations, cutting-edge innovations, and curated networking opportunities with like-minded decision makers.

Recognizing that agri-food ecosystems encompass broad imperatives for our shared future – building climate resilience, enhancing smallholder livelihoods, achieving universal nutrition security, and furthering gender equity – the summit’s programming will highlight multiple facets of each innovation area and identify the enabling institutions, investments, and infrastructure is key to accelerating them.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to develop connections, explore collaborations with fellow leaders and pioneers, and shape the future of innovation and climate resilience in Indian agri-food.

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Summit Innovation Tracks

Smallholder-centric innovation

Enhancing value chains, income stability and sustainable practices

Data-driven AgFinancing

Enabling precise, productive and climate-smart agriculture

Advances in AgBioTech

Towards a resilient and regenerative agri-food system

Bridging India's Protein Gap

Furthering equitable, and climate-adaptive protein sufficiency

The Venue

ThinkAg Harvesting Tomorrow Summit 2023 will be held at The Westin Goa

Steeped amidst sun-kissed beaches and verdant green hills, the Westin Goa will be idyllic setting for an immersive two days of meaningful networking, impactful innovations and discovering the future of agri-food in India