Ranjith Mukundan

Co-Founder & CEO(Stellapps)

"RANJITH MUKUNDAN : CEO, Managing Director & Co-founder, Stellapps Technologies

As the CEO & co-funder of Stellapps, Ranjith has spent the last 12.5 years, innovating, and deploying Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and frameworks for digitizing the dairy industry across India and providing technology & data-led premium market value-chain linkages to small holder dairy farmers.
With Stellapps’ revenues approaching $100m run-rate, he is currently focused on scaling the organization, stabilizing the margins and providing value-added services to the farmers including dairy market linkage, financial services, and Agri/dairy inputs as well as high-quality, differentiated dairy nutrition to the consumers. He believes that the modular farm-to-consumer smartMoo IoT platform can help unleash this value for all the stakeholders in the dairy ecosystem – including alternate credit scores and data-led insurance underwriting mechanisms for small holder dairy farmers.
Ranjith has over 27 years of software industry experience and was earlier the Global head of Wipro's Telecom Value Added Services Practice. Having delivered solutions for global clientele across USA & Europe such as Microsoft, AT&T, Nortel, Nokia, British Telecom et al.,
Ranjith did his Bachelors in Electronics and Communications Engineering, and MS from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, in Telecom & Software Engineering.


Stellapps Technologies is an IIT Madras incubated, Bangalore- based, Internet of Things (IoT) startup with primary focus on data acquisition and machine learning. Stellapps is a leading farm to consumer dairy digitization service provider, improving farm productivity, milk quality and bringing in supply chain traceability for the largest crop in the world – in India alone, pre-harvest and post-harvest of the dairy value chain is a $240b market (or approximately 7.6% of India’s GDP). It leverages advanced analytics and artificial intelligence through its full stack IoT platform to enable dairy ecosystem partnerships (financial and insurance institutions, veterinary services etc.) to drive significant value for each stakeholder including smallholder farmers. Stellapps currently digitizes 14Mn Liters of milk daily and impacts 3 million dairy farmers in 41,000 Indian villages."