Renuka Diwan

Co-Founder & CEO(BioPrime)

Dr. Renuka is a visionary leader at the helm of Bioprime, with a remarkable academic journey that includes a PhD in Plant Biotechnology and a post-doctoral tenure in Genetic Engineering. Her illustrious career is punctuated by over a dozen research papers published in high-impact international journals. As a visiting faculty member at esteemed institutions like IBB and NIV in Pune, she imparts her extensive knowledge to the next generation of scientists.

Dr. Renuka's passion for agriculture was cultivated from her formative years, as she witnessed her family's struggles in generating livelihoods from ancestral farmlands. Fueled by this deep-rooted connection to the land and its challenges, she embarked on the journey to establish Bioprime. Her mission: to restore pride and prosperity to the farming community, creating innovative solutions that transcend boundaries and transform agriculture for the better. Dr. Renuka is a driving force behind Bioprime's commitment to pioneering technologies that empower farmers and revolutionize the agricultural landscape."