Vijay Vujjini

CTO(Centre for Digital Public Infrastructure (CDPI))

"Vijay Vujjini is Chief Technology Officer, Centre for Digital Public Infrastructure (CDPI) based in IIIT-Bangalore. In this role, Vijay guides countries to identify, build Digital Rails that enables a vibrant public/private ecosystem that works at population scale.

Prior to this role, Vijay as Technical Consultant helped architect & build large scale systems at a number of public and private organizations. He was Principal Architect with the Aadhaar project and helped scale from 200M to 1+B Enrolments and 100M authentications per day. Vijay also helped in many modules of India Stack by drafting open specifications/standards.

Vijay holds Masters in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University and Bachelors Degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology. His main areas of interests are Systems Architectures across Distributed, Cloud, Mobile/Web Technologies, Big Data, AI/ML and Open Source Software."