Vilas Shinde

Chairman & Managing Director(Sahyadri Farms)

Mr. Vilas Vishnu Shinde, the Chairman & MD of Sahyadri Farms in Nashik, has dedicated his life to addressing the crucial issue of providing dignity and sustainability to Indian farmers. Growing up in a traditional farming family, Mr. Shinde recognized the need to transform farming from a mere means of subsistence to a profitable business. Equipped with a Master's degree in Agricultural Engineering from MPKV, Rahuri, he combined his technical education with traditional knowledge and embarked on a journey to find comprehensive solutions.

Mr. Shinde realized that a multifaceted approach was necessary to improve the lives of Indian farmers. He understood that technology, scalability, collective action, market trends, and active participation in value chains were all vital components of the solution. By taking a holistic view of the problems faced by farmers, Mr. Shinde was able to devise innovative strategies to address them effectively.

Inspired by Dr. Kurien's successful Amul model, Mr. Shinde founded Sahyadri Farmers Producer Company Limited in 2010. This initiative aimed to empower farmers by involving them as stakeholders in an integrated value chain, bridging the gap between rural and urban communities towards a solution for small and marginal farmers for sustainable and profitable farm growth. The results were astounding. Today, Sahyadri Farms is connected to over 19,000+ small and marginal farmers, with more than 29,960 acres of land dedicated to various horticulture crops in Nashik and neighbouring districts of Maharashtra, which had generated direct employment for 6000+ people in rural areas throughout the year by creating a farmer-owned & operated value chain for horticulture fruits & vegetables.

Looking ahead, Mr. Shinde aims to share his knowledge, experience, expertise, and insights with other farmer collectives. His mission is to extend a life of dignity and sustainability to Indian farmers across the nation. Mr. Shinde's unwavering dedication and visionary leadership have transformed Sahyadri Farms into a shining example of agricultural innovation and success, inspiring others to follow suit and uplift the lives of farmers throughout India.