11 – 12 October, 2023 | Goa, India

Agriculture has been a staple of the Indian economy for centuries now, and just like any other age-old practice, requires the intervention of technology. In the age of information, it is essential to create important interventions to improve the livelihoods of millions of deserving families and individuals alike in India, whilst also enhancing food security and quality of life.

This is where BharatMandi (referred to as BM) comes in. An agritech startup, set up by experienced individuals who have worked in leadership roles within top banks in India and abroad. They have also founded successful companies and continue mentoring a few of them.

BharatMandi aims to bridge this very gap, between old, traditional methods commonly followed in Indian agriculture, and technologically up-to-date agrarian methods, to especially benefit and change the lives of small and marginal farmers in India. BharatMandi works in various areas with a common mission to increase farmer’s income and pay them for what they have put their entire toil towards. From improving soil health to building awareness among farmers to finding direct buyers for harvests. BharatMandi has enabled farmers to open their world to state-of-the-art technology, and truly revolutionise the way they work.

BharatMandi has identified eight challenges that need to be addressed at the earliest to meet 12 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals that have been identified as critical measures to improve the standard of living for people all over the world. BharatMandi aims at fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals whilst also fixing the prevalent issues at hand, making a well-planned roadmap towards a sustainable future. From improving soil health to empowering female farmers, BharatMandi aims to make a lasting change for Indian Societies.

Lives of the farmers have already begun to pivot, with newfound hope arriving at their doorsteps everyday. GP, short for Gram Paathshala is BharatMandi’s flagship educational program, where farmers are onboarded and given the opportunity to bring the latest package of practises to their farms. Such is the story of a small farmer from Peddur, a village in Karnataka. Govindappa S V is one of BharatMandi’s farmers, and was instrumental in providing YCook, one of India’s up-and-coming organic food processors and snack providers, with more than 10 Tons of Sweetcorn.

So what did BharatMandi exactly do, to fulfil the promise given to the world of agriculture?

The solution is obvious: they recognised a farmer’s tenacity and rewarded him accordingly. Govindappa’s sweetcorn harvest and sale ended up being incredibly simple because of our approach of identifying local talent and uplifting low-income segments of society by hiring a fleet of Raitha Mitras, or RMs who helped in building relationships with Govindappa and helped him sell his produce at rates that work for everyone involved. Through BM, Govindappa was given access to top-of-the-order organic manure, a true-to-scale weighbridge, and many other real world farming inputs. Immediately after weighing the harvest, Govindappa was paid for his produce, and his responsibilities ended there, with a full handover to BM for the transportation of the yield to the buyer.

BharatMandi has also started making inroads in the dairy industry as well. In collaboration with Uzhavaralayam Farmer Producer Company, which has 800 members, Bharat Mandi has recently opened its first three milk collection centres in the villages of Ranganathapuram and Vinayagapuram in the Vanur Taluka, Villupuram District of Tamilnadu, India. These small and marginal dairy farmers typically have one or two low-yielding cattle. These institutes help women dairy producers get fair pricing by connecting them to the market. We protect farmers and customer faith in milk purity and safety by reducing milk spoiling and preserving maximum quality.

Strategic collaborations, training workshops, and cutting-edge technologies will empower women farmers to embrace sustainable dairying practises, reduce chemical inputs, and ensure pesticide-, antibiotic-, and other dangerous substance-free milk. We create new market prospects for these entrepreneurial women.

They are in collaboration to boost milk production and quality, and within 24 months, BharatMandi hopes to double the farmers’ revenue. An innovative, traceable, residue-free milk that is safe for children, pregnant women, and seniors will soon be available.

BharatMandi stands as a shining example of innovation and dedication in the field of agriculture. With their unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, cutting-edge technology, and a profound respect for nature, they not only ensure a bountiful harvest today but also pave the way for a greener and more prosperous tomorrow. As they continue to lead the industry, it’s clear that their vision for a sustainable and thriving agricultural future is one that will bear fruit for generations to come.