11 – 12 October, 2023 | Goa, India

Empowering organizations to drive Regenerative Agriculture projects

The foundations of agriculture are shifting due to climate uncertainties which is constantly challenging the traditional agriculture, the need for innovative solutions has never been more apparent.

PoCRA Project or “Project on Climate Resilient Agriculture”, an initiative funded by the Government of Maharashtra and the World Bank, is jointly working with KhetiBuddy as the technological force driving this project forward. On this remarkable journey unfolding right here in Maharashtra, which not only promises to empower farmers and rejuvenate soil health, but also to chart a course towards climate-smart and sustainable agriculture.

KhetiBuddy (Dr. Richa, Co-founder/Chief Scientific Officer) receives Startup award and empaneled as Agtech Solution under Government of Maharashtra

Project PoCRA: Digitization to build Resilience in Agriculture

Project PoCRA, an initiative started in 2016, is a beacon of hope for the future of agriculture in Maharashtra. PoCRA’s mission is clear: to bolster farmers’ resilience against the impacts of climate change starting with the most climate vulnerable districts of Maharashtra. The project aims to enable the farmers to combat impacts of pest outbreaks, unseasonal rains, droughts, and heat waves. This mission takes form through a holistic strategy that encompasses soil health improvement, regenerative farming practices, and empowering millions of farmers with knowledge to cope with environmental challenges using technology.

KhetiBuddy’s Role as Technology Partner

In this journey, KhetiBuddy was appointed and empanelled to measure the impact of regenerative practices promoted and adopted by farmers who have been associated with PoCRA for anywhere between 6 months to 4 or more years. In this digitization process, all data points relevant to study regenerative agriculture practices and all data points related to regenerative agriculture with focus on soil is being digitized. KhetiBuddy is weaving the digital tapestry that underpins replicability of PoCRA’s success.

The Objective: To create a seamless digital platform that establishes the scientific relationship between regenerative practices and improvement in soil health through use of technology and biological to make the model that can be scaled and replicated in varying farming conditions. As the technology partner for Project PoCRA, KhetiBuddy orchestrates operations, facilitates knowledge dissemination, and crafts insightful real-time impact assessments.

We are enabling farmers with education, guidance and extension on regenerative practices, crop diversity, and crop residue management. We constantly promote preventive measures for pest incidence through physical control methods and also enable farmers with access to biological that will generate more yield and improve soil health.

Process for Digitization of Regenerative agriculture practices and measuring its impact

Halfway there, More Milestones on the way

As we stand at the mid-point of this expedition, we have digitized the project’s operational landscape spread across many villages in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar district of Maharashtra, opening doors to a new era of data-guided decisions. By harmonizing traditional wisdom with avant-garde technology, we are bridging the gap between the past and the future. With the early signs indicating that soil health is improving, yields are becoming more resilient, and the overall agricultural landscape is evolving into one that’s better equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead.

KhetiBuddy’s representative educating and guiding farmers

We have digitized operations in more than 5+ Talukas and 40+ villages across the operational as part of the data collection of over 2,500 acres of farmers associated with the Project. We are capturing regenerative as well as non-regenerative practicing farmers’ data to compare and build a relationship between the two kinds of farming practices and study the data points which eventually lead to sustainable agriculture.

We are actively involved on-field and remote extension to guide farmers on accessing information where support and advisory is required. By geo-tagging their farms and capturing local weather data we enable them with climate smart agricultural practices. The digitized operations have enabled our stakeholders in data-driven decision-making for improving the efficiency of the program with analytics dashboard. Through our collaborative efforts, farmers are now better connected to vital information, weather forecasts, and expert advice. It’s a transformation that bridges the gap between traditional farming and regenerative.

Measuring Impact through Technology: The Unveiling onto Positive Change

As the symphony of extension activities plays on, we’re witnessing the first notes of transformation. Farmers are embracing regenerative practices and nurturing soil health as we digitize their activities, crop health and soil health data for analyzing on regenerative parameters. Through our impact assessments, we’re capturing not just numbers, but stories of positive change—stories of crops are flourishing with change in soil health.

As extension activities continue to unfold, we are witnessing the first glimpses of change. Our goals are to assess whether the practices adopted by farmers for varying number of seasons each, how has the soil transformed. By benchmarking and analyzing information on-going basis, we aim to conclude on the strength of correlation between practices and resiliency built. With the larger goal in mind to make the efforts made by PoCRA project over the years scalable and replicable to many other climate-vulnerable geographies.

A Call to Pioneer: Join the Movement

The PoCRA Project is just the tip of the iceberg sprouting many such projects, presenting us an opportunity to make a difference. For organizations who share our passion for regenerative agriculture and seeks avenues to amplify impact while meticulously tracking progress, we extend an invitation to explore synergies together. In this dynamically changing playing field for the farming industry, technology enables organizations to tread the path of innovation, resilience, and sustainability.

Let’s sow the seeds of resilience together.

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