11 – 12 October, 2023 | Goa, India

Commercialization: The next mountain for AgBioTech in India

AgTech innovation in India, reflecting broader trends across India’s startup ecosystem, has been driven primarily by digitization and business model led innovation, with deep science-based innovations playing a smaller role. Over the course of the past decade, AgBioTechnology – a key area of science-led innovation for agriculture – has had a relative sputtering start in […]

The three-part problem statement for unlocking agri-credit in India

Access to credit, for making capital investments and managing working capital, are critical aspects of enterprises’ growth and viability across industries and sectors. In India’s agricultural ecosystem, however, only half of all farmers are financed and among them, only 59% are serviced by formal institutions while the rest tap into informal streams of financing. This […]

Nuances of driving AgTech adoption by smallholder farmers

Indian agriculture has a number of features that present both, significant opportunities as well as substantial challenges for AgTech solutions. Chief among them – the predominance of smallholder farmers, which poses various structural challenges for AgTech innovations to contend with. Many a structural barrier for AgTech Small landholdings: Over 85% of Indian farmers can be […]

Mastercard Farm Pass—Connecting the Agri ecosystem digitally to drive commercially sustainable value for all

  Summary: Mastercard is committed to ‘doing well by doing good.’ Community Pass is a social impact business at Mastercard, creating digital infrastructure that provides access to critical services to underserved, remote, and frequently offline communities. Running on the larger Community Pass platform, Farm Pass is transforming the Ag landscape by providing a digital marketplace connecting […]

ThinkAg’s AgFoodTech in India- Innovation & Investment Report 2023

The past year and a half have been tumultuous for investments across the Indian startup landscape. The AgTech and FoodTech sectors have also felt the heat, though have arguably experienced a smaller correction in comparison to other sectors. Late-stage checks in mature AgTech enterprises, that typically drove the investment values, have cooled significantly, leading to […]

Solar as 3rd Crop for Farmer

“Farmers feed our family – Let them not take a second job to feed themselves!!” AgriPV is a newly upcoming technology which combines the best of two worlds – “Solar energy generation” and “agriculture” to solve our energy and food crisis in a holistic manner. It is known by numerous names such as “agrivoltaics”, “agrophotovoltaics […]

Stellapps Wins BusinessLine Changemaker Award 2023

Stellapps Technologies, under the leadership of CEO and Co-founder Ranjith Mukundan, has achieved a remarkable milestone by receiving the prestigious Digital Transformation award at the BusinessLine Changemaker Awards, 2023.. This accolade celebrates the company’s groundbreaking contributions to the dairy sector, revolutionizing how farmers manage their herds and navigate the milk supply chain. Stellapps, a burgeoning […]


Agriculture has been a staple of the Indian economy for centuries now, and just like any other age-old practice, requires the intervention of technology. In the age of information, it is essential to create important interventions to improve the livelihoods of millions of deserving families and individuals alike in India, whilst also enhancing food security […]

An interview with Dr Renuka Thakore, Global Sustainable Futures Network

Dr. Renuka is the Founder of Founder, Global Sustainable Futures Progress through Partnerships Network, UK and Founder & CEO, Global Sustainable Futures Network CIC, UK. 1. What makes sustainable development such a compelling and imperative goal to pursue? Traditional development has brought economic prosperity for individuals but have also brought environmental degradation and social inequalities […]

Nurturing Resilience: PoCRA and KhetiBuddy working jointly on the path to Sustainable Agriculture

Empowering organizations to drive Regenerative Agriculture projects The foundations of agriculture are shifting due to climate uncertainties which is constantly challenging the traditional agriculture, the need for innovative solutions has never been more apparent. PoCRA Project or “Project on Climate Resilient Agriculture”, an initiative funded by the Government of Maharashtra and the World Bank, is […]